• $35.00

        • Molten glass is blown and shaped by hand to conceive the perfect little gift for anyone close to your heart!

      • not one, but two openings so that one flower stands for me, one flower stands for you. A special vase celebrating the bonds between sweethearts, siblings, friends and family. Reminding us the life is better together.

        Each vase comes packed in an individual gift box, with a hangtag detailing the: " You & Me concept"..

      • The familiar vase neck holds a single bud or small spray of flowers while a 2nd opening in the base holds a companion flower - one for me and one for you!
      • Molten glass is blown and shaped by hand to form this thoughtful token of affection
      • Delightful dollops of color swirl upon the base
      • Handmade in the USA ; stands 5 inches tall
    • Size: Approximately inches tall, 3 1/2 inches in diameter
  • NOTE: due to differences in monitors, these colors may differ from the actual items. Additionally, as each item is hand-made, the exact coloring and shape will differ to some extent. The color and style images are supplied as a guide and not a guarantee.