Original Idea outline dated June 22, 2011

I, Gail Mancuso, was born in New York in the late fifties.  Like most Americans I grew up believing that the United State of American was the strongest, most prosperous country in the world, and I still believe this to be true.  I may have taken it a little for granted, but I have always loved my country and have always been proud to be an American. 

I was not totally naïve.  I knew that the economy was having difficult times, and we were in some sort of a recession.  I knew since the whole bank and real estate issues a few years ago times were hard., but it was not until recently when two major accounts in my life made me realize how much financial trouble the USA was really in.  This is scaring the heck out of me.

The first was in the beginning of May 2011.    Everyone in my office, including me, were brought into a meeting advising us an outside company from India was coming in to evaluate all of our jobs to determine which jobs could be eliminated and out sourced.  Outsourcing is a very serious issue that has been going on in the work force for a very long time now across America and it needs to be stopped.

The second was a trip I made to Europe in late May-June also 2011.  I was very excited about our European vacation, but was stunned and very uneasy when I cashed my US dollars for Euros.  The US dollar I had always believed to be so powerful and sought after by everyone was worth almost nothing.  Since my arrival home, I have put a lot of time and effort in trying to figure out what I could do to help with this matter.

I am mother of four almost grown children and have spent the best part of my life caring for them raising them to be good, honest, responsible hard working Americans.  But what is their future?  The way the job market is going and the way our government is allowing companies to out source everything they can.

We were told not to fear technology, that it would not replace people.   This we found to be true, but now in our techno world it is possible to do the work from almost everything from anywhere.  I also realize this is not the only issue here.  So I tried to figure out what else is killing the American economy.   Where can I help?

Made in the US!!

I have always been a true believer in not buying knock offs, but I never paid much attention to where all the products I purchased where made.  I took the “take it off challenge”, and oh boy was I shocked.  Close to nothing was made in the US.  I admit I like buying designer knowing they are made in Europe, but was I shocked to see that almost nothing was made in the USA.  Not even the “American Designer” or American chain stores.  It is very hard to find items manufactured here.

So that is how I have come up with “Younican” - YOU AND I CAN “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”!

There are three phases:

1-The Younican bag & backpacks for children.

2-A made in the USA & only in the US store.

3-a web site attached so you can purchase from anywhere (not out sourced)

Younican will be a local store carrying all of the hottest fashions gifts and accessories all made and manufactured in the USA.

Some people will argue that made in the US will cost more… Maybe a dollar or two more than items manufactured in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong so on and so on.

This could be true, but at ‘Younican’ we will try not to, but if it does try and remember.

When you go school shopping maybe you would normally buy your children five new shirts each for school.  Make it four.   

When buying a gift, most times you have a fixed price.   What could be a better gift than made in America.  You will still be spending the same amount.

Somewhere I heard that if each American spent $3.24 a day more (that’s less than a lot of us spend on coffee) it would create 10,000 US jobs that’s 10,000 more Americans working.

But first :   The Younican bag and backpacks. 

Be one of the first to get it, and wear your bag proudly.

They speak loudly…

I am proud to be an American.

It is made in The Unite States of America.

We as Americans can stand tall.

Let our government know that we care and are taking back our county and want to be, once again the strongest country in the world.

Do it for you.  Do it for your children.    Do it for all Americans.  Do it because you can!

      YOUNICAN    Made in the USA!