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Many women think of dandelions and buttercups as weeds right up until the moment a child first says, "Here Mommy, I picked you a flower!" With its heart-shaped opening, this tiny vase is perfect for holding some of life's most special flowers.

Some of the most beautiful flowers we may ever receive do not arrive in long glossy white boxes from the florist, but are instead offered to us by small hands grubby from play... The stems may be short, the blossoms drooping and the flowers themselves what some might call weeds- but when given with love a dandelion can be much more precious than the most perfect long-stemmed rose.

Mom's Little Vase is a special vase for those special little flowers.

Each vase comes packed in an individual gift box, with an enclosure card reiterating the Special vase for special flowers message.

  • Delightful dollops of color dance upon the base of this bud vase, providing a lovely anchor for its heart-shaped stem
  • molten glass is blown and shaped by hand to conceive the perfect little gift for anyone close to your heart!
  • Hand-blown glass, made in the USA
  • Stands approx. 3" tall- Tiny vase made for tiny hands with Big Hearts!


NOTE: due to differences in monitors, these colors may differ from the actual items. Additionally, as each item is hand-made, the exact coloring and shape will differ to some extent. The color and style images are supplied as a guide and not a guarantee.

The Images below are for color only.   The shape of the vase is the image of 

"Karin's Birthday"