Little Words Project-: Exclusive "BE A BUMBLEBEE" Collection

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1- Pick you word. 2- register your tag. 3-Pass it on. 4-Follow its journey.

"When words are both true and kind, they can change our world." - Buddha
Choose words to give you inspiration then pass it on to someone who needs it more. Register the number on your gold tag via our registration page or mobile app and track your bracelet as it inspires from wrist to wrist!
* Hand-crafted in the USA with Swarovski® & Preciosa® Crystals & 12k gold-plated hardware
* Handle with Care 
* Do not wet to preserve highest quality
                               "You N I Can's"

Be a Bumblebee Collection: All things are possible

"when life feels overwhelming- keep flapping your wings.  You're already doing the impossible"- Gary Meacham

According to the laws of aerodynamics the bumble cannot fly.  Its body is too heavy for its win. But bumble doesn't know this fact, and so it flies anyway- for all to see.  Remember this before losing hope: